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Can I print labels in Omega Church?

Yes you can print Labels in Omega Church, and they are highly customisable!  There are 3 types of labels already set up, and you can modify what you want displayed on each.  You can also create your own report using filters and sorting, choose the output type as Labels, and then choose whatever you want displayed on the labels. You can change the font size, font type or alignment for each row on the label.

Can individuals be linked by family in the database?

In Omega Church the family is the main unit - even if it is a one-person family!  Basically, you create families and then add individual members to it. The members are linked to the family.  You can store more personal information on an individual compared to a family, such as marital status, employment status or date of birth.  You can also add individuals to families, "marry" them, and assign them to roles such as parent or child. You can also move members between families. When you are viewing an individual in the Membership Section you can see other family members, and when viewing a family you can see all the individuals of the family.

Will Omega Church provide accounts compliant with current charities legislation?

Omega Church provides the ability to record transactions in line with charities legislation, where every receipt or payment, as well as recording the bank account, also records the fund.  As well as this, Omega Church provides several different charts of accounts categorised into a format suitable for use with current charities legislation, and a number of built in reports (such as the Statement of Financial Activities, Balance Sheet, Statement of Assets and Liabilities and so on) that allow your church to report on activities in a format compliant with current legislation.

Will Omega Church provide automatic gift aid claims?

Yes.  As you record transactions in Omega Church, the software automatically builds up the transactions eligible for inclusion on a gift aid claim, meaning by the time you are ready to submit your claim, you simply go into the Gift Aid module, review the claim and click "Create Claim".

Will Omega Church provide automatic bank reconciliation?

Yes. If you can download your bank statement into a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format (most banks provide a downloadable statement in this format) then you can upload this to Omega Church, which will then automatically "tick off" the transactions received based on this statement, saving you valuable time. Please note however, that this feature is only available for standing order income received from donors, and is not a feature for use in the accounts module, where the bank reconcile feature is not automatic.

Is the tax rate for gift aid claims customisable?

Yes. As the tax rate changes (as it did recently from 22% to 20%) you can make this change using Omega's configuration options.

Will Omega provide reports of over- and under-18s?

Yes, Omega's powerful yet easy to use reporting facility allows you to run reports on age and dates of birth.