Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Demo and purchase Demo and purchase

We have a very small church - do you have anything especially for us?

We have recently introduced our Omega Church Lite edition, especially with churches like you in mind, for a much reduced price.  There is an upper limit of 250 (active) records, but the full range of functions is retained.  If your church grows and you find you need the full version of Omega Church, you can always upgrade.

Another possibility to consider, is whether our multi-database facility might suit your church or parish needs.  If, for example, one minister, pastor or priest works across more than one church, and that person is the only one requiring access to that church's data, we can enable the ability to use one installation of Omega Church to manage more than one congregation's data.

If Omega Church Lite or our multi-database options sounds like it might be for you, contact us to discuss your needs further.

I tried to download the demo but couldn't get it to work

Until recently, Omega Church demos required a user key number.  Did you receive yours ok?  Sometimes we found it was filtered out into people's junk mail folder.  If you didn't, or you have had any other trouble downloading or using the demo, just contact us.  Remember you can also request to have the demo sent by post if you prefer.

When we go ahead with a purchase, do we get Omega Church on a disc or is it downloadable?

We will send you a disc with the software on it regardless, although we can provide you with a download link in the first instance if you prefer. If purchasing the network version, however, we will install the software for you, as it requires more complicated configuration. This installation will occur remotely.