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Why haven't I heard of Omega Church software before now?

Omega Church software has been in existence now for over 10 years (see history of Omega Church), during which GCD Technologies have put lots of effort into improving, developing and updating it to ensure it is the high-quality software product it is today.  Sales of Omega Church have spread throughout Northern Ireland mostly on a word-of-mouth basis - people recognise quality when they see it!  However we now feel it is time to make sure churches further afield are aware of Omega and its many benefits.  After all, why should Northern Ireland have all the fun?

If I make a change in one part of Omega Church (e.g. date of birth), will it follow through to the others?

Yes, changes made in one part of Omega Church automatically follow through the whole system.  Unlike some other church software programs, Omega uses one central database.  This saves you all the hassle and potential error of having to make sure different databases are correctly "talking" to eachother, or, worse still, having to remember to update details (such as a new address or change of marital status) in several programs or spreadsheets!