Administration FeaturesAdministration Features

Church administration is the hub of the whole of church life.   It is essential for those involved in church work to be able to easily and quickly access relevant information about church members, groups and leaders, which will enable them to effectively carry out their duties.  This information should be accurate and up-to-date, but protected by sufficient security measures so that only those requiring such information can access it.

Therefore, busy church administrators, who are pushed for time or perhaps trying to fit in church work alongside other commitments, will love the integrated nature of Omega Church.  No more having to work between different spreadsheets, documents or computer programs!  A change in one part of the system, such as an address, will follow through automatically to ALL other areas of the program, making tasks such as recording free will offering and creating pastoral visitation schedules quicker, easier and less vulnerable to error.  All key information about individuals and families can be viewed on one handy summary screen.   Plus, Omega Church can be easily customised to either allow or deny each user account to different parts of the program, providing a reassuring level of confidentiality.

Membership FeaturesMembership Features

  • Handy Summary Screen
  • Search by family or individual
  • Custom Categories
  • Create marriages, move people between families, and manage deceased and departed
  • User definable voter eligibility rules
  • Set up Districts and Areas
  • Print household and envelope labels
  • Email from Omega
  • Predefined and customisable listings and reports

Organisations FeaturesOrganisations Features

  • Set up as many organisations or small groups as you like
  • Enrol members and leaders
  • Easy re-enrolment tool
  • Record notes against members
  • Store police check information and child protection training dates
  • Manage consent forms

Pastoral FeaturesPastoral Features

  • Comprehensive scheduling system
  • Record visits by District, Schedule or Type
  • Keep and review pastoral notes securely
  • Maintain Hospital lists and visitations

Reports and LabelsReports and Labels

  • Built-in reports to cover day-to-day operations
  • Create and customise your own additional reports with ease
  • Set up new listing templates or export to Excel, Word or PDF
  • Design and print new labels
  • Configure templates and labelsheets
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