Benefits for pastoral workers, clergy and churchgoersBenefits for pastoral workers, clergy and churchgoers

Pastoral Schedules and Note KeepingPastoral Schedules and Note Keeping

Pastoral care is important for any church. The value of a pastor or pastoral staff worker visiting chuch members, be they elderly, in hospital, new to the church or recently bereaved, cannot be underestimated.

However, despite best efforts it can be a difficult task to ensure that visits happen as regularly as they should.  Combining this aspect of pastoral care with other responsibilities is challenging for any pastoral worker.

Omega Church helps in this area.  With a dedicated pastoral module, you can create visitation schedules for each pastoral worker that bring into account various variables for each individual, including geographical location, pastoral category, when they were last visited etc.  This powerful system ensures that you can keep up to date visitation lists, taking the administrative burden off this important aspect of pastoral care.

  • Create "Smart" visitation schedules, including details of previous visits and upcoming anniversaries
  • Maintain up to date hospital lists to aid visitations for the sick
  • Securely record pastoral visits using Omega Church's Pastoral Visit Wizard, storing notes and follow up visit dates
  • Get quick and easy access to details of any famly or individual, including activities and groups they are involved in
  • Run several pastoral reports including visitation lists, hospital lists, previous visits and more

Church congregations - maintaining good relationships!Church congregations - maintaining good relationships!

Ultimately, the people who most benefit from Omega Church administration software are church members themselves.  Ensuring all their personal data is recorded accurately and securely means you can continue to maintain a personal and intimate relationship with everyone, no matter how large your congregation is.  Anniversaries and other personally significant information are available at the touch of a button.  People are addressed appropriately.  They can be confident that their donations are being used for the purpose for which they are intended, and receive a courteous thank you for their generosity.  All of which serve to maintain great pastoral care and relationships and help your church to grow!

We all know how important it is for those working with children and other vulnerable individuals to undergo child protection training. By entering your church's small groups' leaders and their child protection training dates, Omega reporting features will help you keep this up to date. There is also a facility to keep track of any number of consent forms for different activities. Parents and guardians can be confident their child's welfare is being taken very seriously.


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