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Sometimes every user needs help. Whether you've experienced data corruption, hard disk failure or just need advice on categorising your records correctly - we're here to help.  We pride ourselves in providing a fast and friendly support service for all our customers.

And what about staying up to date?  Obviously, we are always working away at improving our Omega Church software by developing and adding features and fixing any bugs that we find.  But often there are external pressures for change too - changing requirements from church bodies or legislation updates, for example.  With Omega Church product support, you need never worry about getting left behind.  A support subscription entitles you to all such updates, upgrades and fixes FREE - just keep an eye on the updates section of our website or contact the support team for more information.

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Online supportOnline support

Using our online ticketing system is one of the best ways to get maximum benefit from your support package. You can log questions or issues at any time of the day, saving you the trouble of having to find time in a busy schedule to telephone in. A member of our Omega support team will then respond to you by email to let you know what action they are taking about your problem.

To keep everyone updated with progress on a ticket the system will automatically email both you and all of our support team, so even if the person you were dealing with is temporarily unavailable, someone else should be able to help. New tickets also reach our entire development team ensuring there will always be someone to respond to your incident.

Most importantly, this method of support ensures that all communication regarding the logged incident stays on record, viewable to both GCD Technologies and you, the user. It is easily accessible at a later date, should you require it, for example to remind yourself of a particular instruction, or if a similar problem arises.

To login to the support site please visit:

If you need a username and or password please get in touch.

Phone supportPhone support

Having taken up our support package, you can relax in the knowledge that a technician is never more than a phone call away.  Our professional support team will be able to resolve your query quickly and efficiently.  New technology also means that, when called for, we can even invite you to share your screen with us so that we can see the issue virtually 'over your shoulder' - often much easier than trying to explain what you see in front of you!

To get in touch with the support team please call us on:

028 3834 1205


Email supportEmail support

And of course, there's always email:

Windows Help FileWindows Help File


Omega Church administration software comes complete with its own manual stored as a windows help file.  The help file walks you through not only step by step procedures but the principles and theory behind the screens.  Including screenshots and hyperlinks, it allows you to learn quickly and develop a much better understanding of Omega. 

As it can be studied at your own pace and in your own time, the help manual can be a useful first line of training for many people.  Even those who have undertaken our on-site training will benefit from the manual as a permanent source of information at your fingertips.

Support and Updates - PricesSupport and Updates - Prices

As we know how nerve-wracking it can be starting out with a new program, we offer ALL NEW CUSTOMERS one month of free support (from the date of purchase) to get you up and running.  If you take out a support contract within 30 days of purchasing your Omega product, you will get another 2 months free, meaning a total of 3 MONTHS FREE SUPPORT!  Thereafter customers are charged in January of each year for the full calendar year in advance.  Prices for the full 12 months are listed below.

Omega Church

  • Single Site License - £198 per annum
  • Multi Site License - £198 per annum
  • Network License - £285 per annum

Omega Accounts Standalone

  • £90 per annum
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Training TrainingTraining

While every effort has been made to make sure Omega Church is easy to pick up and learn, we recognise that many of you will want to get a running start by taking advantage of some training. 

After listening to our customers' valuable feedback, we now offer group training sessions at GCD Technologies were any member of our Omega Team will deliver a training session for you and some of your colleagues (maximum 3). These are invoiced by the hour with the minimum length of an hour.

This approach means the sessions are personalised and focused on your own church's needs, so you complete training confident in your own and Omega's abilities. But don't worry if you don't remember everything - there's always our comprehensive support package!

  Training at GCD
  £60 per hour + vat

If you are interested in arranging a training session, please contact us.

Support from GCD is fast, helpful and responsive. All in all Omega is a great database, optimised for church use and I would recommend it to any church, large or small.
  • Cliff McLoughlin
  • Knock Presbyterian, Belfast
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