Omega Church is available in three versions to meet your church’s unique requirements: Single Site, Multi-Site, and Network edition.

Which version of Omega is right for my church?

Choosing the correct version is much more about how you work as an organisation. Each version contains the same great features but is intended for different types of teams.

Single Site

Single site edition allows you to have Omega on one computer. This is great for churches where the majority of administration will be done in a church office on a shared machine.

Multi Site

Multi-site gives you the flexibility of installing Omega on as many computers as you like within your church. Many teams perform their work from different locations making multi-site an ideal fit.

Use case:

One user might update the weekly offerings during the day and upload the data to the FTP server.
A different user (or the same user) could then login to Omega from a different location and download the previously uploaded data to their machine to work.


Network edition requires the Church to have a central server where GCD would install Omega. The Church could then have multiple ‘client’ machines, and multiple users could work simultaneously as Omega would write their changes directly to the server.

Lite Edition

For smaller church organisations, we offer a discount of £190 for both Single and Multi-Site editions of Omega. At any point, if you exceed the limit of 250 active records you can pay the difference to gain access to the full version.


Single Site£629 inc VAT
Multi-Site£929 inc VAT
Network£1299 inc VAT

Support & Updates

Omega comes with one month of free support and updates so we can help get you up and running, however for continued technical support from our team in Lurgan, Northern Ireland as well as continued updates to Omega, we offer an annual service.

Support VersionPrice (P/A)
Single (Including Lite)£340 inc VAT
Multi-site (Including Lite)£375 inc VAT
Network Edition£505 inc VAT
Charity Edition£1200 inc VAT


On occasion, some churches may outgrow their current package and wish to upgrade their package e.g. from Single-site to Multisite.

In such circumstances, rather than having to start from scratch again, we allow users to retain their data and only pay the difference between the old and new packages.

Please bear in mind that support and updates costs may increase as a result of the upgrade, but only in the year following the upgrade.