Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Software you’ll love to use. Designed for UK church administrators, treasurers and pastoral staff. Omega Church Software will help you deliver faithful care for your church members and congregation.

At the heart of every great church, is a dedication to pastoral care. The value of the Pastor, Minister, Priest or other church worker, visiting church members – be them elderly, in hospital, new to the church or recently bereaved – cannot be underestimated.

Pastoral care matters to people dearly and has a real positive impact on their lives. However it can be difficult to ensure that visits happen as regularly as they should.

Omega Church can help greatly in this area of church service.

  • Create smart visitation schedules with visibility of previous visits and upcoming anniversaries
  • Securely record pastoral visits, storing notes and follow up dates
  • Maintain up to date hospital lists to assist with visitation of the sick
  • Easily view and access details of all your members and families, including activities and groups they are involved in
  • Access helpful reports including visitation lists, hospital lists, previous visits and more
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